leveraging the value of people

In a complex world of immense diversity and talent; the fundamental question is how to optimise the value of all the humanity that surrounds us. This is best achieved by working to develop a Mosaic World that leverages the value of people.

Susan Popoola

Human Value Optimisation Specialist

Susan is an award winning consultant specialising in Talent Management, Inclusion and Engagement; a Community Activist with a deep-rooted belief in human value; a published author of books exploring the world in which we live in; and a Public Speaker.

Mosaic Fusions takes Human Value Optimisation Approach to working with organisations to develop highly productive and fulfilling workplaces that reflect the rich diversity of the society that we live in.

Mosaic Wise: working to engage teenagers and young adults in education, the workplace and wider society through a series of activities and programmes inclusive of talks, workshops, roundtables, profiling & development tools; and one to one coaching & mentoring support.

Publications and books that increase knowledge and awareness.

Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain
Touching The Heart of Milton Keynes


" You have continuously drawn on the key ideas within the society that are often provided and your honest manner of discussing this fantastic as it means that the people have to think! I also enjoy your bubbly approach and how this pops topic restricted when spoken about. People feel at ease and feel comfortable to provide honest contributions which is sometimes difficult with other speakers. "


" Over the years i have met many working HR; in all kind of small business, small and big companies; in Europe and in the US. But i have never come across anyone as positive as Suson - something way too many people miss; especially in HR, for me Suson is the impersonation of how and what an HR person should be. "


" Susan is a dedicated professional with a sharp mind and a concern for people. This special combination reflects in the quality of the work that I have seen her perform "


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